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Architectural Structure

Established in 1991, Mason Black Lawyers has been providing specialist advisory services and legal representation to the commercial and insurance markets.


As a member of recoveriescorp, we have been providing expert legal advice on insurance and recoveries matters to the group since 1992 and have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas of law.

Mendelsons Lawyers, also established in 1991, became a specialised national debt recovery firm, practising in all jurisdictions and providing an industry leading service to its clients.


In February 2022, Mason Black Lawyers incorporated Mendelsons Lawyers and began to trade under the new name of Mason Black + Mendelsons Lawyers. 


Our lawyers are experienced and committed to delivering the best possible results for every client. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Mason Black + Mendelsons Lawyers represents clients in Courts in all states and jurisdictions throughout Australia.


Our History

In 1991, a prominent Melbourne lawyer Leon Sholl expanded his practice and opened Melbourne-based Sholl Nicholson Pty, focusing on providing Australian insurers with specialist legal representation.


The following year Sholl Nicholson formed a partnership with recoveriescorp resulting in the creation of an end-to-end cost effective recoveries model and the expansion of Sholl Nicholson into debt recovery advice and litigation.


In 2003, the firm was rebranded Mason Black Lawyers and expanded its services with the establishment of our Sydney office and in 2017, our Brisbane office.

At the same time that Leon was making his mark in 1991, another prominent Melbourne lawyer, Roger Mendelson, left a long-standing partnership known as Mulcahy Mendelson and Round to commence his own practice, Mendelsons Lawyers.


In association with Prushka Fast Debt Recovery, a mercantile agency also owned by Roger, Mendelsons Lawyers initially only handled simple debt recovery matters.  Over the years, Mendelsons Lawyers’ practice expanded to advice and litigation in all jurisdictions, developing a niche within the SME market and establishing a growing presence in the area of insolvency law.


In 2022, Mason Black Lawyers incorporated the practice of Mendelsons Lawyers to further expand its scale, expertise and market leading status in the industry.


Today, Mason Black + Mendelsons Lawyers is focused on the areas of insurance, commercial, debt recovery litigation and alternative dispute resolution, boasting a strong commercial client base including some of Australia's largest insurers and commercial organisations.

Our Team
Business Meeting

Our approach is hands-on, proactive and innovative. We provide our clients with unambiguous advice, supported by well-conceived strategies, careful execution and regular consultation.

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